BBC Radio 2: Paul McCartney & Michael Stipe

One of the unique things about Radio 2 is their small gigs they put on where an artist plays to a small number of people.  They play their well known songs but because of the intimate nature of the gig it provides different perspective on the artists and their songs.  This provided the inspiration for our idea ‘a different perspective’.  Put simply we get a well known artist and get them to re-record one of their famous songs but in a completely different way.  It was a fairly organic process as we really didn’t know what the outcome was going to be.  We couldn’t tell Paul McCartney how to re-record one of his songs so this led us down the path off filming in a documentary style for which we picked acclaimed documentary maker Kevin Macdonald.

Paul McCartney



Michael Stipe



6 minute documentary followed by both spots



Paul McCartney discussing how the Radio 2 spots inspired the Chaos and Creation live concert at Abbey Road Studios where we recorded our spots.