Philips Lighting


A fully integrated campaign, has been created to deliver on Philips’ ambitions to simply enhance life with light. At the heart of the campaign sits the ‘lightshow’ – an interactive platform that lets people experience what light can really do for their homes, and brings to life the Philips LED lighting portfolio.

An overview of the project:

The interactive platform:

Using a series of unique lightover (light-makeover) videos filmed all over the world (29 lightovers filmed in 8 countries), Philips will motivate consumers to share these and their own experiences.

We also created some ‘light experiments’ such as: Can we affect the outcome of speed dating? Can we make the food taste nicer in a restaurant? Can we increase the price of a property just using light?

This was the TV ad:

An app was also created to help people covert to LED bulbs.