Dubai Metro Launch

With something like over 100 nationalities living and working in Dubai we had to create something that transcended language and culture in order to get across a simple message about what the first metro in Dubai means to them.  We created a film using the metro as dominos as a metaphor to get across how the Metro now connects the whole of Dubai.  We also had to make a series of print to help educate people on what the Metro is and does.  As a part of all the communication we also created all the sounds the Metro made such as the doors opening and closing and when announcements were made.  A truly integrated campaign.



Wifi ad GN 26x33 HR

WC ad Ahlan Masala HPC HR

Special Ser ad GN 26x33 HR

Security ad GN 26x33 HR

Safety ad GN 26x33 HR

Retail ad Whatson DPS HR

Metro Ramadan Ad Eng HR

Metro launch ad GN HR

Gold ad Concierge DPS HR

Environment ad GN 26x33