Beefeater 24


Beefeater launched Beefeater 24 and due to the nature of it’s production, the spirit is ‘cut’ at an earlier stage and a smaller percentage of the run is taken in order to retain the fresher, more volatile flavours of grapefruit and the leaf teas thus making a more premium tasting gin. After a visit to the distillery in Kennington, London, meeting the master distiller Desmond Payne and test driving many cocktails made with gin we arrived at the idea (not on that same evening).  Beefeater wanted to show the heritage of Beefeater 24 and combine with it’s premium quality, we created ‘Made with London Glamour’.  The ads featured in magazines like Vogue so the positioning almost had to feel like we were advertising perfume. Also with the international appeal of magazines like that we had to keep the idea visually strong.

We worked with Studio Output to create the look and feel and Paul Zak photographed the bottle of Beefeater 24.
Beef_V1 Beef_V3 Beef_V9 beef_photo-600x400